Hunter Properties provides a higher standard of management services for single family homes, condos, and multi-family units in the Kansas City Metro area. Not only do we handle property management, we can also help you purchase more investments to build your portfolio, find qualified contractors, and oversee the rehab to get it rent ready. When you're ready to move on and up, we can sell your property as well! 


Thinking about renting out your property, or are you currently renting out your home and tired of dealing with the day to day hassles and want a professional management company you can count on? You have come to the right place! Hunter Properties provides full management services including advertising, extensive tenant screening, leasing, regular maintenance & repairs, bookkeeping and reporting.

Looking for a place to live? We have a fantastic inventory of houses, condos, and multi-family units for lease. Rest assured that Hunter Properties will always be professional and responsive to your needs. If you qualify, we would love to have you as a tenant in one of our properties.

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HPMS, LLC dba Hunter Properties

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